Reflecting on Thanksgiving – What are you Thankful for?

The official “Thanksgiving Holiday” comes around on the fourth Thursday of every November and we all look forward to it with great expectations of feasting with family and friends.

As we sit at the dinner table we are expected to say what we are “thankful” for and at that time we come up with many clichés and sometimes very glib answers. Some of us are shy and we just say something quickly so that we can be away from the spotlight.

What happens during the remainder of the year? Do we ever stop and take the time to really think about life and how thankful we should be for the very air that we breathe?: the life that we have and the miracles that we experience every day?

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Where and how do we begin to list all the things that we should be thankful for? If only we can recognize all the bounties that have been bestowed upon us, then we would be much more appreciative. The fact that we have been blessed to be alive for one more day is reason enough to be thankful.

Yet, we take so many things for granted. If only we can look around us and see the suffering of so many all over the world, I am sure our outlook would be greatly improved. If we see someone without hands, then we may appreciate our own hands and all the things that we do with them to help ourselves and our families.

If we see a blind person trying to make their way around, then we will be appreciative of our ability to see and try to make the best of our circumstances. Instead we tend to complain about little inconveniences and we take everything for granted.

We eat three square meals and we complain that it was not cooked properly or that we did not have something special to drink along with our meals. What would we do if we do not get a meal in three or four days?  This is the reality of so many people in famished countries or war torn parts of the world.

Not everyone is equal and for those of us who have many of the amenities of life, we should take the time to be grateful and also take the time to share with those who are less fortunate. We should not only be thankful at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day, but we should be thankful for everything that we have every day of every year.

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Above all, we should be thankful for family and friends with whom we can enjoy our meals and homes, and we should for ever be looking for ways to help those less fortunate than ourselves. For it is only in sharing that we can truly appreciate what we have been blessed with and be truly thankful.